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Santa Barbara Iron & Metal Recyclers is a metal processing and State certified buyback facility specializing in scrap metal recycling. We accept metal scrap and CRV materials from residents throughout Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties. We have been a green-conscious company since opening in 1979.

In the last several years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of recycling and going "green". We have been heavily involved in this industry for over 40 years and are currently serving the needs of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, and Ventura residents and businesses at our metal processing facility, Santa Barbara Iron & Metal Recyclers. From a bag of aluminum cans to an industrial scrap-generating account, we can accommodate your needs with superior service and pricing. Drop-in and see us, we will get you in, out and on your way quickly with minimal fuss. We will gladly quote you current metal prices over the phone, so give us a call.

We Recycle:

♻️ Aluminum
♻️ Brass
♻️ Copper
♻️ Stainless Steel
♻️ Lead
♻️ Radiators
♻️ Auto Batteries
♻️ Electric Motors
♻️ Insulated Wire
♻️ Iron/ Steel
♻️ CRV - Aluminum Cans
♻️ CRV Glass Bottles
♻️ CRV Plastics #1 - #7
♻️ Industrial Pick up Services

"Recycling makes cents" Certified California Redemption Value (CRV) Recycle Center. Get cash now!


Recycling makes cents

Recycling makes cents

Santa Barbara Iron & metal Recyclers know just how much recycling matters. That's why we offer Aluminum recycling, CRV - cans- bottles- and plastic, CRV only Glass recycling, Industrial Pickup Service, and Industrial Services. Did you know? Just one recycled aluminum can conserve enough energy to burn a 100-watt bulb for nearly four hours or power a TV for three hours. Reclaiming and reusing recycled aluminum is 95 percent more energy-efficient than producing cans from virgin ore. Metals, in general, are a precious, non-renewable, natural resource that will be depleted if they are exploited at the present rate. Recycling the metals that are part of the municipal waste stream cannot be emphasized enough. It's one of the greenest things you can do. Not only does it help with the greening of the environment; it helps with the greening of your wallet. Bringing metals in for recycling can put a little extra walking-around money in your pocket.

Recycling Iron & Steel

Recycling Iron & Steel

Here, in the heart of Santa Barbara, CA, We know there are many established benefits of using recycled iron and steel rather than virgin ore to make new steel. This includes 74 percent in energy savings, 40 percent reduction in water use, a 76 percent reduction in water pollution, an 86 percent reduction in air pollution, and a 97 percent reduction in mining wastes. There's a large international market for reclaimed iron and steel. Guess how many metric tons of shredded steel scrap were sold oversees in just 2012 alone? If you guessed more than 6.5 million metric tons, you're right. That's a lot of steel.

Recycling other materials

Recycling other materials

Did you know? Manufacturing a product with recycled materials requires less energy, which means fewer toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Aluminum, for example, uses 95 percent less energy when it is recycled than when it is first produced. Like metals, the production of recycled plastics uses much less energy – approximately 66 percent less. That’s why recycling a single plastic bottle saves enough energy to keep a 60-watt light shining for six hours. Certain products, such as tin, paper, plastic, and glass are easy to remanufacture. Processing these materials becomes highly efficient, so it’s certainly worthwhile and profitable to collect items made of these materials.

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